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With my summer coming to a close, I finished my last week of work at Club Monaco in Boston. Whilst working there, I had a ton of compliments on my outfits and so many people asking if what I was wearing was Club. Sorry, but no. 

This is one of my favorite outfits and one of the more frequent. I actually first started wearing this outfit with an off the shoulder striped top but started pairing these wide leg trousers with this white, layered cropped top. 

The look was so well put together and sophisticated that I felt like I could sell anything in it. Also, if you didn't notice, I'm debuting my new hair! I'm sure if you follow me on instagram or snapchat you've already seen it. 

A lot of people ask what made me want to chop it all off but to be honest, I used to always cut my hair this short. I just hadn't done it in a while because I wanted length. 

I usually get a drastic haircut when I need to start anew - sadly mostly because of unfortunate events. However, this time, it was a good change. It was like a breath of fresh air. 

I cut the damage and the coloring out for a more straight-edged, chic and overall more mature style. 

All together, with this outfit and my hair, I really felt like an adult. Scary, I know.

My junior year of college is starting and it's a little scary how fast this came but I can't wait to see my New York friends again. The city of hustling and great fashion is waiting for me and I'm more excited than ever. I should probably start packing, though...

Let me know what you think! 


Zara | Top
Forever 21 | Pants, Heels

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