Ready? Jetset, Go: Shanghai ⛩

On July 7th, I set off to Shanghai, my first travel experience to Asia. 

I was both excited and a little scared. Why scared? Well because I was going to be on a plane for 14 hours! Also because as we boarded we were slightly delayed due to "technical issues" ... um, can I get off the plane, please?

Well, 14 hours later we landed safely in Pudong, Shanghai. We got to the hotel (see here), admired our room and went to bed. The next morning, we explored the mall that was connected to the Ritz. Not very eventful but it was a journey on its own, believe me. 

The next day, we traveled to the Yu Gardens. We observed the Temple of God and paid our respects and explored the rest of the bazaar. A little confused as to why there was no actual garden, we left and went to find dinner. 

Later that night, I looked back at the travel site and found that there are gardens, we just missed them! So a couple days later (because we went to more malls in between) we went back to finally see the beautiful architecture and garden. 

In between those days, we traveled to the History Museum (located in the Pearl Tower) as well as the Museum of Shanghai. I don't have any pictures but I do have some footage that will hopefully be in a video! 

My last day of Shanghai we spent on Nanjing Road. A long strip filled with shopping! 
I sound like a shopaholic don't I? 

We also traveled to Nanjing road because a friend from FIT, Jackline, was (and still is) also in Shanghai and we designated that as our meet-up spot. We met up, enjoyed a nice dinner filled with hilarious conversations and parted ways - thanks Jackline! See you soon in New York. 

Although I only got to spend a week in Shanghai, I still enjoyed my time. To be completely honest, there wasn't much else to do other than shopping and see the sights that we went to. 

I'm so thankful for this experience and I can't wait to travel to other parts of China like Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau. 


Forever 21 | Striped off the Shoulder Top, Shorts
H&M | Overalls
Club Monaco | Navy Romper
Converse | Shoes

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