Kylie Lipkit Review: Candy K


I must start out by saying that I feel a little guilty about purchasing the Kylie lipkit. I'm not necessarily a fan of hers (I do have that slight hint of 'why are they even famous' prejudice even though I know they're growing empires in fashion and cosmetics). 

After looking at others wearing the matte lipsticks and my own desire for a matte lipstick in general, I decided to go ahead and purchase one. The price was $29, as they are for all of the matte lipsticks. A little pricey for me but then again, it also comes with a lip liner so really, $14.50 for a lipliner and the lipstick itself. Not too bad, I suppose.

Why Candy K?
I decided to go with Candy K because it's more of a nude shade for me. I always thought lipstick never looked good on me so I went for subtle color. 

How was the purchasing process?
It was a real pain, honestly. Because of the huge volume of people trying to purchase their lipkits, the system kept crashing. I would add the item to my cart, go to fill out my information then it would crash. I would refresh about 3 or 4 times then I would have to re-fill out my information then of course, crash. This went on throughout the whole process. It would crash when I went to fill out my billing info and it would crash after I put in my credit card info. I was worried I would be charged more than once but I wasn't. Still, I know some people who went through the whole process only for the system to crash then say they were sold out of their desired color.

How was the shipping process?
I purchased it on Monday, March 28th and received a shipping confirmation that Wednesday and received it Today (Tuesday, April 5th). 

Do you like it?
Honestly... I really do. I'm not much of a makeup person but the products went on smoothly and quite nicely. The lipstick dries fairly quickly as you can see in the images above of the swatch, the second photo being when it dried which was taken probably a minute after I first applied it. Bonus... it smells really nice! 

Overall, I like Kylie's lipkit and I definitely intend on purchasing more. 

If you've managed to get your hands on a lipkit, what are your thoughts? Or if you didn't, which one are you trying to get?


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