Belle of Coachella ✌🏼

It's Coachella season and I thought I'd share a couple of festival looks! I know I've been absent lately but I had a small break and decided to snap a couple looks to repay you all. 

It's been getting warm in New York so I took the opportunity and broke out the shorts and crop tops! 

This first festival look features a belle sleeved crop top. It's actually from H&M's Coachella line so there's no doubt in my mind that it goes with the look! Belle sleeves are totally in for this festival season and especially for Spring/Summer. To pair, I pulled on these floral shorts. It's a festival... you can't go wrong with floral. I threw on black booties with a slight heel for comfort and for accessories, an anklet ('cause duh), a beige tote and wide sunnies. 

I hope you all have a great Coachella season! 

Let me know what you think and I'll see you in the next look!


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H&M | Top
Brandy Melville | Shorts
Promod | Shoes
BCBG | Tote

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