Egg Shop NYC

For Sunday brunch, Joomi and I visited The Egg Shop! Located on Elizabeth Street, it was your perfect blogger aesthetic. And one bite in, both of us fell in love. 

Joomi got the Benedict, I got the El Camino and because I couldn't resist, we shared a side of the fried chicken! My dish consisted of pulled pork, fried tortilla chips, avocado, some sort of pickled vegetable and a poached egg. The pulled pork was delicious and had a lot of flavor! Joomi was in love with hers and I managed to snag a bite. I gotta say, whatever that fried english muffin bread thing is... I want all of it. The fried chicken was fried to perfection and was super moist! There was a slight sweetness to it and I surprisingly liked it.

Space is a little tight and we waited 30 minutes for a table. It is New York City and we were there at a busy hour so no real complaints. 

If you're ever in New York, make sure you check out the Egg Shop! 


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