Little Black Vest

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope the clubs aren't going up for you tonight (I really need to stop with these terrible jokes.)

Ever since I started my internship, I've noticed my wardrobe leaning towards more sophisticated and clean cut pieces. Which it must, of course, due to the professional settings and such. I've always been a sort of sophisticated-style type of gal; when I was younger, I had an obsession with blazers when in reality, there was no use for a 13 year old girl to be wearing blazers.

However, as college went on, I noticed my style was shifting a lot more frequently. My friends would call me a "style chameleon" because they believed I could fit into any style haha.

Before I got this internship, I was really into that whole boyish look (thanks Joomi). It's nice to see me make a full 360 back to my original style.

I paired these more professional type leggings with this 3/4 sleeve white blouse. For an added flare, I borrowed my roommate's long, sleeveless vest and threw on these simple black pumps.

I hope you enjoyed this look!

P.S - Trying to get a cute walking shot is a lot harder than you think...


Thrifted | Vest
Forever 21 | Blouse, Shoes, Jacket
H&M | Leggings
Casio | Watch
Louis Vuitton | Bag

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