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Hi everyone! 

I hope your weekend has been going well. 

Temperatures have been on the rise and what better way to catch up with friends and enjoy the weather than a photoshoot? 

I absolutely love the Boston Public Garden and the Boston Common during the Spring/Summer so of course that was my go-to location.

For comfort purposes, I decided to go back to the basics. 

Starting off with a tied-up basic white tank, I decided to add some texture (and again, more comfort!) with this lace back sports bra. Not only does it add texture and comfort, the sea-foam green adds a much needed pop of color. 

Another summer essential is a maxi skirt but of course, mine had to include a side slit. I say "of course" because most of the maxi dresses or skirts I wear include a side cut. I like the fact that I'm not completely bound to a sea of material around my legs and the peeking of the leg adds sexiness and, at least to me, some elongation to the leg. 

To combat the breeze or a later evening chill, I threw on a boxy denim jacket. For accessories, a delicate necklace and a wide-brimmed hat to protect my eyes from the sun! 

Depending on your preferences, I paired this look with both strappy heels and flat sandals, both of the same color scheme. The shade of brown in both choices go well with the earthy look.  

The difference in photoshooting in New York compared to Boston is actually quite comical. In New York, it's nothing surprising and no one gives you so much as a glance while you're posing! However, in Boston... the judgment was soooo real. It felt like I was some sort of attraction that everyone felt the need to stare at. Let me do me, boo boo. 

Regardless, this was a fun shoot not only because I got to be reunited with my best friend but also because of the lovely weather and beautiful location! 

Make sure you check out the full photoshoot here

Let me know what you think! 


Forever 21 | Denim Jacket, Sports-bra, Sandals
Zara | Top
H&M | Heels, Hat, Skirt
Tiffany & Co. | Necklace

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