Thigh High

It's the first nice day of the new year - a gorgeous 75 degrees with a slight breeze. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I wish it would stay like this forever! 

This romper was waiting in my closet to be worn when it was just right so of course, it was the first thing I grabbed when I saw it was going to be warm. It has a clasp to keep the material from creating a plunging neckline but I felt that was too restricting. So instead, with the help of a pin, I created the desired depth for this look. 

Now, it was warm out but I still felt quite bare since this romper is pretty short. So to pair, I pulled on these lengthy thigh-high boots. They're a statement for sure and it's embarrassing to see that since I'm so short, these thigh-highs are practically pants on me! 

Nevertheless, this look came out exactly how I imagined. 

Details included a thick choker and a black crystal necklace. 

This look just proves that you don't have to bare a lot of skin to look sexy! I gotta say... my legs look amazing haha. 

I hope you enjoyed this look! View more images from the shoot here.


Forever 21 | Romper
Aldo | Boots
H&M | Necklace
Ivanka Trump | Clutch

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