I know I'm not great at these but you have no idea how much worse I've done these before! These double dutch braids are trending everywhere - Kardashians especially. It's a subtle hit of toughness yet it still makes me look like I'm twelve years old. Of course, it doesn't do this for everyone, I just happen to already look twelve. 

I had the desire to try these out so of course I hopped onto Youtube (where else would you learn how to do anything?) and searched through all the tutorials. Let me tell you something: people need to make better tutorials. Left side under middle but then the middle becomes the right side then you grab hair...? What? Just...what? 

It's not easy in the beginning but once you get the hang out of it, you'll get something like this. Then when you get really good at it, it'll probably come out looking right! I have a tendency to braid them too close to my ear and less on-top of my head (which is my goal) but they still look cute regardless. 

I wish I could direct you to a specific tutorial that helped me but unfortunately, I didn't find one. So I guess just go through as many as you need before it clicks in your head! They say if you can french braid then is easy because it's just an inverted french braid. I, for one, can barely do a regular braid. 

Maybe if I actually get good at this, I'll make a better tutorial. 

For now, let's just enjoy this decent attempt of mine! 


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